The New Google Doesn’t Like Old SEO

The New Google Doesn’t Like Old SEO
I read – and commented on – a great post called Panda 4.0 & Google’s Giant Red Pen by Trevin Shirley. Panda 4.0 just hit; the SEO space is hiding under their desk, with some reacting either out of panic or for show. It’s definitely news, but at
The Indirect SEO Benefits Of Guest Posting
If you follow the world of search engine optimization (SEO) at all, you know about Matt Cutts’ January 20, 2014 post, The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO. For many people, this was a shock; but frankly, it was inevitable. Then, on March 19th
How Social Media Benefits SEO
Ten years ago, search engine optimization was fairly straightforward: Make sure the search engines can crawl your site, use the right keywords, and get lots of links. As the engines become more and more sophisticated at delivering personalized results
Blogging: An On-Page SEO Checklist
The structure of a blog, as well as the content, is key to making it work in SEO terms. Even the most engaging and well-written blogs can get lost in the vortex of the digital world without the essential SEO markers to ensure that they end up in the right
Thirty Best SEO Reseller Services in Hong Kong Ranked in May 2014 by
The thirty best SEO reseller agencies in Hong Kong have been named by for the month of May 2014. Each month, a team of researchers spend time benchmarking and reporting the best SEO reseller agencies around the world to assist businesses in is a Good Place to Buy Cheap SEO Hosting With Dedicated C-class IPs compares many hosting suppliers and announces that is a good place to buy cheap hosting with dedicated C-class IPs. This company offers high-quality SEO hosting (including VPS and cloud hosting) at affordable rates.
5-Minute SEO Check You Can Do Yourself
Give this a try. Google personalizes search results to individual searchers so the results of your test won’t perfectly scale up to all the possible real-world searches, but it will provide you with an idea of where you stand and where you want be.
5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Local SEO
If you run a business that has a physical address and wants to attract customers locally, local SEO is a must. Take the time to do some local search engine optimization in addition to any general SEO you’re already doing. The good news? There are lots of
Lawyers Sue SEO Firm For Violating Google Guidelines
A law firm in Michigan, Seikaly & Stewart, is suing its former SEO provider — but not for a lack of ranking success. Rather, the firm is getting sued for allegedly using “spammy” techniques violating Google’s guidelines. That comes via Eric Goldman.
SEO 101: 5 Ways to Optimize Your E-Commerce Content
Onsite copy is still one of the most important ranking factors, especially for newer sites. The trick is knowing what to look for, how to write it, and how to help it convert into sales. If you’re working on onsite SEO and copy, below are five