Will Your Business Survive Google’s Mobile Update?

Today, more people than ever are browsing the internet using their smartphones. The convenience of instant web access at the touch of a finger causes more and more people to search while on-the-go. Why wait to get home or to work to search on your desktop when you can do so on your phone?

In order to cater to this fast-growing demand of mobile internet usage, Google created and released a new search algorithm that prioritizes mobile-friendly websites above non-mobile-friendly ones in search results. This update went into effect April 21st, 2015, and it immediately began changing how pages are ranked in a Google search on a mobile device. Below are some common questions about this topic along with what you need to know to ensure that your website is reaching its maximum views and has a strong online presence.


What is a mobile-friendly web page?

A mobile-friendly web page is one that is custom-made to accommodate devices with small screens, such as smartphones. A mobile-friendly web page ensures ease of access and readability for mobile users. The illustration below from Google’s webmaster blog shows an example of the viewing difference between a mobile-friendly page and one that is not mobile-friendly:



Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.20.01 AM.png

The device on the left shows a web page that would require zooming and scrolling to read, while the web page on the right is made with mobile usage in mind. A mobile-friendly web page will differ slightly from the desktop version in appearance and structure. It will have re-positioned menu items, enlarged text, and other functions that will offer an optimal mobile experience.


What if my web pages aren’t mobile-friendly?

Every time a search is done on any mobile device Google now includes in its results a new factor of whether the pages found are mobile-friendly or not. A “Mobile-Friendly” icon appears to the right of all links that are mobile-friendly, and these pages are favored by being ranked higher than all non-mobile-friendly pages. If your web pages have not been updated to meet these new standards in mobile ranking, than it is very likely that your listing has dropped below any competitor pages that have made these important changes.


Can a whole website be made mobile-friendly, or only certain pages?

Each web page on a given site must be updated to the new mobile-friendly status to occupy a high search ranking. When this has been done, the website as a whole can be seen as mobile-friendly. Individual mobile-friendly pages will still rank high in searches, even if other pages on the site have not been updated yet.


What if my web page has relevant keywords and great content?

Google still factors in keywords and content when conducting its web search algorithm, but of two existing pages with equally relevant keywords and content, the one that is mobile-friendly will rank higher in the search results. A relevant, content-rich web page definitely boosts ranking on all devices, but without mobile functionality the page with rank considerably lower on a smartphone than it will on a desktop.


How are web pages made to be mobile-friendly?

In the past, when web designers wanted a mobile version of their website they had to build a whole new site with its own URL. When viewers would visit the original website the device they were using would be determined, and the viewer would be sent to the mobile site if compatible with the device. This method involves extra loading time and web developing that can now be bypassed. How? By incorporating a revolutionary way of web designing that is responsive.


What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the process of creating web pages that respond appropriately to any and every device on which they are opened. Pull up a responsive web page on your iPhone and it will adjust to fit the screen size and will navigate with ease. Load the same page on your Android phone, and it will function with the same usability and proper display. What about a tablet? The page will respond on a tablet as efficiently as it does on other devices. When it comes to knowing what devices a responsive web page will adapt to, the possibilities are as vast and endless as the mobile products that are constantly being created.


I have web pages that aren’t mobile-friendly. What do I need to do?

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