Responsive Web Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

Responsive Web Design: Where Do We Go From Here?
This article is part of a web development series from Microsoft. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. I had the great pleasure of delivering the closing keynote at Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint. Held in Brighton
Learn to Design Responsive Email Templates this Weekend
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Super-Sod’s New Website That’s Mobile Responsive
The new user-friendly site has a fresh new look and updated navigation. The most notable change is the responsive web design. Website users will now have an improved browsing experience on their phones, tablets, and other smart devices. Customers can
What To Look For In A New Brunswick Web Designer
A responsive website is specially optimized for mobile devices that are often constrained by display size. Mobile-friendly websites may require a different approach to design when considering how content is laid out on screens of various dimensions.
Top retail brands’ email marketing campaigns found wanting
but have not moved their email marketing to responsive design should think about this as a next step,” said Practicology’s Head of Data & Analytics Will Dymott. “If consumers are browsing your website and even transacting on smartphones, then they will be
“These initiatives represent an opportunistic desire to play with extreme conditions”
The second we recognise as social-impact design from the likes of Shigeru Ban and others. MacGyver-like, architectures responsive to aftermath are deployable, agile, and cheap. They may even earn you a Pritzker. Today’s curatorial modes require news hooks
Bridgestone Launches New Mobile-First Website
Built with a mobile-first approach and responsive design, the new website allows consumers to shop for tires seamlessly online and on-the-go regardless of device. “Digital plays an important role in the path to purchase for today’s consumers.
New, responsive design reduces bounce rate at by 37%
ASDA.COM has a business critical role in the referral of UK consumers to the supermarket brand’s transactional sites including Groceries, George Fashion and George Home. It receives more than 90m visits per year with over 46m unique visitors.
Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?
Google has stated multiple times that responsive design is their preferred mobile configuration, leading many to speculate that responsive sites might get a rankings boost. Columnist Clay Cazier explores this idea to see if it has any merit. Whether we
GUEST COMMENT The top five tips for ensuring responsive web design performance
Responsive web design (RWD) is the current buzzword but, despite it being around for more than two years, in many ways it’s still in its infancy. Designers are faced with a fragmented and ever-changing landscape of devices, code frameworks and browser