GetResponse Talks Adaptive Design, Mobile-First Approach, and Expansion to Asia

GetResponse Talks Adaptive Design, Mobile-First Approach, and Expansion to Asia
“With the increase in use of mobile devices to access the web for research, entertainment and commerce, responsive design ensures that the user experience across thousands of varied devices is predictable, intuitive and native as possible to the user’s
Brave River Solutions Launches Website for Great American Donut, Inc.
The end result is a highly functional website that looks great, said Daniel Gulliford of Great American Donut, Inc. As the site was built using responsive design technology, it is optimized for viewing on both desktop and mobile devices. Responsive web
Why Every Media Website Redesign Looks the Same
The site launched its redesign in March. The homepage of goes with the three-column design and a sticky header menu. is also “responsive,” a relatively new concept that combines development and design to allow websites to conform to a
The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design
Responsive design has to go beyond optimizing for different screen sizes, write Code and Theory’s Dan Gardner and Mike Treff. Written By Dan Gardner and Mike Treff Responsive design, which allows designers and developers to build websites that adapt to
Mobile Web Enthusiasts Unite! A Peace Offering For Responsive Web Design Advocates
Earlier this year at SMX West, I presented this revised peeing Calvin graphic as my attempt to visualize how I imagine responsive web design advocates must see me. My point was: this is not reality even if it is the prevailing perception. And the
Why Responsive Web Design is Good for SEO?
Gone are the days when computer used to be the only media to surf the internet. The ever evolving technology has blessed us with a spree of devices which allows us to surf the internet more easily and more effectively too. Responsive website designing is
And You Thought Responsive Text Was Just a Fad?
Yes, we’re talking about text here. The not-so-glamorous and often neglected part of web design. While everyone’s talking about the latest fads in responsive designing, icons, conversions and whatnot, the humble text all too often gets ignored.
Top 5 Responsive Web Design Myths – Debunked
With every passing day, people are depending more on mobile devices. And it holds true for all kinds of works. More so for going online. People love to remain busy while traveling. The internet-friendly mobile devices provide them with this opportunity.
What is Responsive Web Design?
Have you asked yourself, “What is responsive Web design?” Responsive Web design is an approach whereby a designer creates a Web page that “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through. That could be an
Bing Unveils Responsive Design for Image Search
As part of its mission to improve the user experience, Bing has announced its roadmap for improving image search. The first step includes features that are adaptable based on the user’s query, resolution, and interaction. This new release also includes