Names EPageCity Inc. As the Second Top Responsive Web Design Service for January 2014 Names EPageCity Inc. As the Second Top Responsive Web Design Service for January 2014, the independent authority on web design, has released the listings of the best responsive web design firms highlighting ePageCity Inc. The second best responsive web design consultant for January 2014. Web design firms are placed
‘Build once, use often’ guides improvements
If there’s one IT trend that can’t be ignored, it’s the surge toward mobile as the main way that people get information. Government agencies have been late to the game, and only over the past year or so have begun to design responsive relaunches with ‘device agnostic’ responsive design
New-home search site has relaunched with responsive design, catering to the growing use of mobile devices among real estate agents and consumers. Responsive design is a type of Web design that adapts a site’s layout
Adapting to Consumer Trends with Responsive Design Websites
If that’s not enough to convince someone, consider that more than half of millennials, a group considered to be the new face of the housing market, use mobile search on a daily basis. This is a customer segment you don’t want to lose and
Magic Logix Launches New Responsive Website Using State of the Art Technology
Magic Logix, a leader in digital marketing, has recently unveiled its new responsive design website at This new website enriches the user experience by delivering digital marketing content, services and functionality
How Georgia’s Portal Embraces Responsive Design
Recognizing this trend in Georgia two years ago, we began considering ways content that provide the most important information on issues such as jobs, child support and taxes. By offering this, we serve 80 percent of the citizens’ needs
Infographic: Understanding Responsive Web Design
Today you are forced to design your content for a dizzying variety of screen sizes. One answer to the growing number of devices is to use an approach called Responsive Web Design. The way this works is that you create a single design using a
How Does Responsive Design Ensure Audience Response on Mobile Devices?
After years of rising e-commerce around the world, consumers have developed an expectation for immediate gratification. The latest proof points for this trend lie in the omnipresence of mobile devices, and specifically the rise in mobile commerce.
Responsive Design: The Key to Conquering Device Proliferation
With this explosion in tablets and other mobile devices, a solution is needed to ensure cohesive design across an array of ever-increasing screens. Within every organization, there comes a time when it’s necessary to re-evaluate the firm’s Web
Responsive design makes its case
The all-new and painstakingly-researched 2014 Guide to E-Commerce Site Design & Usability provides extensive proprietary data and analysis of web site design, identifies the latest design and usability trends—from responsive web design