5 Marketing and Branding Tips to Scale Your Online Business

5 Marketing and Branding Tips to Scale Your Online Business
Scaling an online business isn’t rocket science — it’s actually much easier than many people believe. When you combine a winning product or service and a solid foundation to build on, the sky’s the limit. Related: 10 Skills Online Marketing Teams
Marketing: Online marketing helps Phuket resort doubled web traffic in low season
Here, The Phuket Newspresents a case study from our island, showing how, in six months, Thanyapura doubled its web traffic and engagement with their audience. Here is their story, in their own words: How did we do this? Is it possible for anyone to do?
Developing a Successful Online Marketing Campaign
Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, there is no shortage of online platforms used to market today. But with organic traffic going down; different channels becoming pay to play to get exposure and heavy hitters pushing their newest tactic, you might be losing at
Is Affiliate Marketing A Viable Business Model In 2016?
Affiliate marketing has been a long-standing monetization strategy on the web. But can publishers and business owners still find revenue success with it in 2016? In the early days of online marketing, most big brands struggled to see the yield of investing
Boris Mizhen — Explains Major Shift in Mobile Online Advertisement
Watching these trends closely, Boris Mizhen has been able to successfully leverage online presence and social media marketing in his work as a business strategist and property developer, honing a sharp and keen instinct for digital marketing. Throughout
7 Ways To Keep Your Startup Marketing Lean
Associated with Los Angeles-based SPINX Digital Agency, he writes about online marketing, web design, development, social media marketing and more. If you’ve recently launched a startup, you know your brand needs as much exposure as possible. When you don
Should Small Businesses Utilize Emojis In Online Marketing?
NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Many small businesses have resolved to increase their online marketing efforts in 2016 in order to build awareness and boost their brand’s profile. From creating a company blog to establishing a presence on social
Internet Marketing Trends In 2016 Create New Opportunities For Marketers With Mobile And ‘The Internet Of Things’
With revenues of about $1.59 trillion a year and growing, the internet is the best place for a business to create a presence to grow its revenues. Before taking a business online, though, it’s important to understand the latest internet marketing trends.
Does Mobile Marketing Produce Measurable ROI for Small Business?
Mobile is the future of marketing, period. According to an ongoing Cisco initiative that looks into global IP traffic, more than half of all online traffic will come from non-PC devices in 2019. In the same year, mobile and wireless device traffic will
The rise of digital marketing: How the internet has transformed marketing and PR
The internet changes things. You’re welcome for the breaking news update. To be more specific, the internet has been a complete game changer in the world of marketing. Thanks to technology and the internet, the ad agencies and PR agencies of today are