5 Essential SEO Tactics for Small Business Owners

5 Essential SEO Tactics for Small Business Owners
With seven billion unique local searches per month on Google, it is more essential than ever to make sure your small business is found online. It’s no secret that SEO has only grown in popularity over the years, but what small business owners need to
The Graph Every SEO MUST Show New Clients
Every SEO professional has received that dreaded phone call from a client who is very anxious, and very worried about how much longer it will take to see results. This usually happens about 3-4 months into an SEO campaign, and it can really ruin your day.
Negative SEO: How to Know if You’ve Been a Victim
There’s good SEO and then there’s bad SEO. Just as good chemistry can be used for dark purposes (cue Walter White), negative SEO can be used nefariously and refers to the worst kind of SEO possible: The intentional act of over-optimizing or spamming a
SEO is not dead, the process has been changed
One of the most laughable arguments that is noticed online today is that “seo is dead, and there is nothing you can do to optimize your website anymore.” Nothing is further from the truth, and the discussion of seo being dead is simply one of the
Internet marketing and the need for localized SEO
SEO’s aim has traditionally been to cultivate a global Internet audience anytime, anywhere. However, Facebook’s recent initiative to improve its local search capabilities – partly in response to Google+ Local – shows the re-emergence of localized
Run Your Established SEO Like PPC & Maximise ROI Long-Term
Two to three months into a new search engine optimization SEO campaign, many businesses see a major, one-time traffic boost as a result of technical fixes. URL consolidation, canonicalising inadvertent duplication, 301 redirecting legacy URLs, 404 tidy-ups
This Japanese doctor hung up his lab coat and founded a medical animation startup
The seeds for Hirofumi Seo’s future medical technology startup were planted when he was only 14 years old, courtesy of a television show aired by Japanese national broadcaster NHK. That program, The Universe Within III: The Human Genome, aired in 1999
SEO Web Design: Plan For Never-Ending Updates
Many business owners with websites think of website design and SEO as a one-shot deal: fix your keywords and your website and leave it alone to do its job. Unfortunately, SEO strategy is an ongoing project that must constantly be redesigned, tweaked and
A 5-Step Guide to Switch from SEO to PR and Vice Versa
Enter the occasionally blurred lines of SEO and PR. These are two entirely different fields centered on the development of content, but what distinguishes the two is the “intent” of the content and masterful SEO. The goal of PR is to manage public
Local SEO Agencies Help Local Businesses, and 10 Best SEO Has Awarded the Top Firms
10 Best SEO, an online marketing awards organization, has just named 10 companies as being the leading firms in the local SEO field. These agencies help businesses grow and attract more customers in their geographic regions. San Francisco, California